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Dear students,

ESN Gent and ISAG are still looking for motivated students to take a roll in their managing board. These are the associations that organise activities for international students who come to Belgium but due to COVID, their boards are not complete. So whether you are a Belgian student or international student, check these positions! Taking part in a student organisation can have big influences on your personal and professional character. You will gain a lot of soft skills that can help you, aside from meeting lots of cool people and having fun... so make sure to seize this opportunity!

(Good to know: There is no baptism ;))

International Students' Association of Ghent

Positions: President, Vice President and Treasurer

The team has the goals to organise activities for international students once a month. So far the board has always been filled by international students. But because of COVID, this has been a problem so Belgian students are recommended to apply for this perfect opportunity to increase their internationalisation. With organising activities you make huge impacts on the social life of these students who are new to this city and environment. The roles are like any other association so the president and vice president are the leading positions who organise and plan everything, and the treasurer is the financial responsible of the association. The workload of the roles are fairly low and manageable for a busy student. The association normally has 5 to 8 people in the board. But for the association to function, these 3 are the most crucial ones.

Since the association has no board members at the moment, it does not mean that you are alone! The board of International Konvent can always help with any matter that may occur to make sure that you are fully guided. We are here for you!

If you are interested in any of the roles or you have any questions, you can send an email to

Erasmus Student Network Gent (

Position: Partnerships Coordinator at ESN Gent

The tasks of this position is as following:

  • Search for new partners and keep in contact with our old ones.

  • Create a general presentation (or oral explanation), which can be shown to our partners, and which explains who we are, what we do, etc.

  • Make proposals for possible partners detailing what we can offer them and what we would be expecting from them, in close cooperation with the President.

  • Gather feedback on our Partnerships throughout the year, discuss this with the President and create feedback moments with our Partners.

  • In this function there is a close cooperation with the President, when you have questions, that's the go-to person.

Interested in this position? Send an email to

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